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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008


Jane Ponsford has exhibited nationally in exhibitions, which vary from large diverse ones like the Discerning Eye in London to small, focused ones such as Pulped at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton. She also teaches and runs workshops. She has been using paper as a sculptural medium for over 10 years and has worked with a variety of other artists on joint projects. Her work was featured in a book, Paper: An Inspirational Portfolio by Gabrielle Falkiner.

Her work is concerned with accumulating and ordering fragments into a structure. This is like constructing a narrative or drawing. She uses repeated small detail to delineate simple shapes, grids, lines or fields that focus the gaze.

She is inspired by structures and shapes found in nature, the webs of connections that you find in plants or cells. Her work is often ephemeral and delicate and involves repetitive, laborious processes, constructing sculptural forms made up of hundreds of near identical fragments.

“The particular qualities of each material I use are important to me. Recently I have concentrated on paper, most of which I make myself. The process of transforming or recycling fibres to make paper makes it very special and removes it from its everyday ubiquitous role. In terms of using paper as a sculptural medium its ephemeral nature lends it particular qualities of lightness and transience and its association with books and messages is important to me. As a material it can be dyed, stained, embossed, cast, embedded with wires and threads, wrapped, hung and torn. But it isn’t just an abstract material, when I stain it with mud it becomes part of the walk that I took and if I dye it, working with it is like drawing in the air with pure colour.”

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