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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008


Working at St George's Church today was very calming and uplifting. I find it an extremely positive place to be. There were lots of people passing through. I am finishing off some work based on shadows. And just enjoying the process of making.


A beautiful day. Everything has grown so much since last week. I was in Arbrook Woods today looking at things and planning work. I also took lots of photographs. The colours are so intense in the Spring sunlight.


On Wednesday I worked with Simon and Hamish, countryside officers, on a childrens activity day. We made some paper and went out pond dipping and then came back to work on some sculptures and bind their paper sheets together to make a book. It was a very full day. It seemed slightly tangental to the project despite involving papermaking I suppose because there was little time to think about why we were doing what we were doing. Note to self for next time! However, the children had a good time and we all learnt a lot. I now know a great deal more about mini-beasts!


I'm catching up with the events of the last few days at the moment. The schools exhibition is up and is being visited by proud children bringing parents and grandparents and reasonably large numbers of other people. I am working on a children's trail through the woodland at West End with Simon and Hamish on Wednesday and needing some inspiration went out there again on Saturday where we photographed 'the perfect tree' amongst other things.

Today I ran a papermaking workshop for a lovely group of ladies. Although we got slightly sidetracked by the arrival of tea and biscuits it reminded me of what I am enjoying about this project which is the opportunity to meet all sorts of people. The community aspect is important. The news about the cuts to Grants for the Arts made me reflect on my luck at having gained one but also made me think about all the people who are having a day out or learning something or feeling a sense of acheivement because of this grant. I hope the people who make these decisions about funding realise that art isn't just about new buildings or blockbuster shows it's also about small things that may change people's ideas about things.






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