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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008


Another good day on SHOUT with a group of slightly older children. The weather was kind again and again we were able to be outside all day. Some lovely imaginative responses to the themes of Papertrails and a nice group of people to be with. More images of the work we made are on the Work in Progress page.


Today was an encouraging one. I am working with children on the Elmbridge Borough Council holiday scheme, SHOUT, as part of the Papertrails project. With the weather we have been having I imagined that we would be stuck indoors at the base improvising, however we were out all day and had fun making trails through the woods. Much enthusiasm from the children racing to make the longest trail and pacing out the lengths. In fact the two teams tied.


Well I thought that things might go awry with the Storytrail and they have. Is it a case of too many elements involved or just that people are on holiday? Anyway there are not enough people signed up to attend so the day is being postponed. I think its better to do this now rather than panic on the day, especially as so many other people are involved. Thanks to everyone at Elmbridge Borough Council who have put in time on this.


The work and planning for the storytrail is mainly in place now. All it depends on now is good weather and people wanting to take part! Which isn't certain at all. However, onward! I am looking forward to seeing some of the work on a bigger scale across the woods and that will be happening whatever the weather. Over the last few days I have been looking at other types of landscape as I have been visiting family. So it will also be good to return to working in the lush Surrey woodland.








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