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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008



Well, gales and rain notwithstanding, the tree in the churchyard now sports a lexicon (though without the definitions) of words from St George's.



I have been working in St George's Church over the last few days. My artist in residence role has been slightly overwhelmed by the arrival of 'Cards for Good Causes' at the church. I think you would have to be very determined indeed to find where I am working, tucked away in the north aisle behind abundant displays of Christmas cards. Meanwhile, I am finishing off a few strands of work and determining how best to present them for the final exhibition here in January. I am also working on a 'Tree Dressing' in the churchyard. This was programmed into the events but has become marooned from its accompanying workshop which has been moved to February! In the absence of community input at this point I am using words from the flagstones and gravestones to temporarily adorn a tree in the churchyard. Many of these words were picked out by participants to use at the Big Draw back in October.

People have asked me how I feel, working here surrounded by 'dead people'. It isn't something I have worried about; obviously the past makes itself felt here but if there is a spirit of the place I feel that it is a benevolent one. The words I am taking to use reflect this feeling. The word 'memory' is found on the gravestones fairly frequently and has an unintentional poignancy as it fades away but there are also phrases like 'tender love' and instructions to 'follow me', reassurances that 'joy cometh' and only a few admonitions to 'repent'! On reflection, I suppose I am working with the community on this piece of work, its just a community from the past.






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