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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008

25 JANUARY 2008

Since the private view I have been at the exhibition space at St George's Church six days a week. Partly to make the most of the last couple of weeks 'in residence' and partly because there isn't anyone else to mind the space while the exhibition is on. Unfortunately, though the church is full of atmosphere, history and inspiring detail it is rather short on internet acess so I have found it difficult to update the blog. A recap then over the last few days; the private view went really well, lots of people came and I was very encouraged. I was also pleased with the way the last pieces of work looked in the space. One of them, the one with thousands of cast paper fragments on pins caught the light in the way I had hoped it would. You are more aware of the mass of cast shadows than the construction. However, worryingly, considering how long it took to make, I have a huge compulsion to make another one, a bigger one this time!


The other new piece was an echo of my 'Storytree' series. I hung a large branch wrapped in one of the stories high in the nave of the church. I wanted to bring something from outside into the building and I was pleased with the way that the light strips of text illuminate the form. It isdifficult to photograph though.

On Tuesday I had a visit from a troop of 'Rainbows' and their leaders, mums and siblings of various ages. They were a lovely lot, very interested in what it was like to be an artist and very keen on being shown everything after which we did some big drawings on the floor and some of us got very grubby indeed!


The private view of the final exhibition at St George's was today at lunchtime. Lots of people came along and it was good to meet again so many people who in one way or another had been involved in the project either as participants and visitors or in giving good advice over the year.


Today I am assembling the last few pieces of work for the exhibition. Some of the pieces are ones that are added to daily and will only really be finished at the end of the residency. There is one in particular, a book which is growing, one page at a time over the twelve months. However, I'm a bit behind with sewing the pages together. Eventually it will be bound using coptic binding which looks a bit like blanket stitch and works with loose single sheets rather than folded ones. The pages have been coloured with sampled pigments from wherever I have been working that day so some are coloured with clay from the commons and others with dust from the church. Its an earthy version of a book of days and is a sort of opposite to one I have been making with local people. That book is white and embossed and made to catch the light. I call these peices 'books' however unbook-like they appear because I don't know what else to call them but really they are sculptures whose form is being generated by the process by which they are being made.




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