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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008


Today was 'Help make art day' on Littleworth Common. After all the rain recently it was great to have some wonderful weather. In terms of work, today was good. I was able to carry out some things I had been really wanting to which the bad weather had prevented. The light was glorious and I had some good conversations, however really there wasn't much interest from people in actually carrying out any work. Which is fair enough! I spent much of the day 'drawing' through the trees and along paths with lines of paper. Finally catching up with some of my earliest ideasfor the project.



This afternoon I have been walking in Littleworth Common sorting out where the work on Saturday is going to take place exactly. It is supposed to be dry then but today the mosquitoes were out in force and I worry that we will get eaten alive at the weekend. However it helped to sort out in my mind where we will be and to a certain extent what we will be doing. I've got to put up some more notices before Saturday directing people to a meeting place. I want to concentrate on directly forming paper by casting it onto the ground but I am also aiming to carry out some of my original proposals; weather permitting.


I am working at St George's Chuch today. After all the educational outreach I am really looking forward to just carrying out some of my work which after all is what it is supposed to be about! The weather is making me have to reconsider some of the work I had proposed. Rather than thinking that there will be a time when I can trace lacy, meandering, hovering marks across the landscape I am going to have to face up to the fact that mud and water and damage / change will have to be part of the work. Which luckily enough I am excited by. However I have a feeling of responsibility to my local funders who probably still have an image of the work that doesn't encompass mud pies!




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