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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008


Invitations for the private view of the 'Work in Progress' exhibition at St George's on 7th June are on their way out. When I decided to put this event into the calendar some time last autumn I had no idea of course that this was going to be bung right in the middle of a period of work and therefore at a point when one could do without a hiatus but it will also be useful to take stock and assess things. I think I could do a lifetime of work here in this situation and one of the hardest things is deciding which avenues to follow and which are siren voices luring me off course.


Today we went on a walk to research routes for the Story Trail in August. The walk was part of the Elmbridge Borough Coucil 'Healthy Walks' and led by volunteers. As it was a rainy Sunday there weren't many on our trip, only six but it was a pleasant walk through exuberantly lush Surrey woodland. Part of the walk went to the Ledges which is one of the remnants of ancient woodland leading down to the River Mole. There is nowhere on the commons where you are out of earshot of traffic. It makes the green spaces seem doubly valuable.


On Thursday I am going over to Woking to Surrey County Arts to stuff envelopes. They are helping me by letting me send out some of my flyers in one of their mailouts. So 'Thank-you!' Caroline. On Friday and Saturday there are open days at St George's Church and some drop-in papermaking workshops. So I am hoping for visitors.


This month so far has been filled with organizing materials for work out in the landscape. My days at St George's have been a valuable countebalance to that and I have made some work which is based on the specific light and atmosphere of the church . Recently I went out to find more clay and sand samples on the commons to complete some paper pieces ('The Short Walk' series).

This is near Black Pond.









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