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Papertrails: art in the landscape in Elmbridge

February 2007 – February 2008


The Residency:

A vital part of the Papertrails project is the residency. While she is working on the project Jane Ponsford will be artist in residence at St George’s Church, Esher in Surrey. She is the inaugural artist in residence at this beautiful building and will be there for 12 months from February 2007. The residency gives the opportunity for Jane to work in inspiring surroundings and gives people a chance to see an artist at work. During her stay there will be regular open days, exhibitions and workshops as well as drop in days on most Fridays between9.00 and 3.00. To see how you can get involved in any of the activities, look at the events page for details or email the artist with any questions.

Details of the project as it develops can also be seen on:

Photograph 2007 Jacqueline Banerjee

The Work:

Jane will be working on a series of site-specific sculptures in the landscape of the Elmbridge Commons. The themes of her work will be drawing, trails and enclosures. “I don’t want to predetermine the pieces too much because the essential thing about them will be their ability to respond to the changing light or the turning seasons. These pieces would be made, photographed and removed and work made in the studio would be based on castings of fragments found in (and returned to) the landscape.

Rather than making monuments; I want to highlight the particular beauties of a place at a particular time in a particular season. I see the work as being ephemeral, intervening in the space and then being taken down. What would remain would be a series of photographs and the studio work.

What I hope to achieve here is to direct the view upon these everyday, familiar places in a focused and concentrated way.”

As part of her work at St George’s Church Jane will be making a “book” made up of sheets of handmade paper, one for each day of her residency…so 365 at the end of her stay. These sheets will be coloured and impressed with material found each day and will form a kind of diary of the year.





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